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28th February – 28th April 2020

Arrival date: 28th February | Departure date: 28th April

European Youth Educational Centre

The European Youth Educational Centre Magdeburg is looking for 15 Volunteers from 13 countries within Europe to join our volunteering team for the spring of 2020. During two month, all of you will have the chance to work in an international environment, to work creatively and especially in the local community in Magdeburg and Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
We are looking for motivated people to join the team.

Application via:

If you want to join the project, you should…
- be 18-30 years old, outgoing and willing to have a fun summer with people from all around Europe.
- like working creatively and be happy to talk about your country/region.
- want to bring an impact to the local community in Magdeburg and Saxony-Anhalt.
- be able to decide quickly whether you want to join the team.
- be interested in learning German/speak German a little.
- prepare for an amazing spring!!!

Join the team!

Facts about the volunteering team
- 15 young people (18-30 years) from 13 different countries
- accommodation in shared bedrooms at the European Youth Education Centre Magdeburg
- food and/or the possibility to cook will be provided, pocket money
- main task: support of youth educational and multigenerational activities of the EJBM, i.e. country nights, preparation of workshops
- produce an image film about doing an ESC activity in Saxony-Anhalt

If you are interested to join, follow the application link above ↑

More info in the info pack:

The Volunteering Project "Festival Summer" is funded by the European Solidarity Corps of the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.