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Basic information

Name: Helena

Age: 50

Country: Czech Republic

Hobby: my job, reading and writing

Urban part

Which city (or where) would you like to live in? Why?

The place is not important what is important is the people in that place.

What kind of music do you like? What is your favourite song?

I like all kinds of good music. My favorite song is David Garrett cover on Nivarnas song ‘Smells like teen spirit’.

Personal part

What does courage mean to you? What do you think requires a lot of courage?

I think to live in Czech Republic and work as a teacher.

What is the one thing you cannot do, but you wish you could?

I’d like to remember some jokes.

What is the size of your foot?


Dream part

Which fairytale character are you?

I thinks I am ant Ferda because Ferda is clever, works alot and help ther animals.

If you could switch life with somebody for one day, who would it be?

I’d like to switch life with some native people because I think they’re really happy and I don’t think we know how to be really happy.

Imagine you can learn one language this night. Which language would you choose?

Mandarin because most people in the world speak this language.

What are the three things you would like to take on a lonely island with you?

My husband. That’s enough because he’d bring all the stuff we needed.

Film workshop #2

Film workshop team was one of the most unseen. At the begnning they were working hard on ideas for a movie:


What was the result? As Mehmet says: “It is kind of love story, but rather sad love story without happy ending. I feel excited because we are making a real movie and I am sure you will love it.”

Most of the time during shooting they spent in their room arranged for a studio. Among hundreds of requisites, in the darkness they were trying to express their ideas in order to make the viewers impressed at the end. Sometimes they needed the help of the participants of other workshops – many people then will have their “5 minutes of fame” because of that!

If you cannot wait for the results of their work, take a look here, for some starter before main course :)

(yes, the quality like made with the calculator, but still…)